It’s day two.

I call my doctor and ask when the surgery will be. She says it all depends on the priorities at the hospital. I tell her I understand she doesn’t know but I’m curious whether we’re talking weeks or months. She says “Oh, definitely weeks not months. I put a rush on yours.”

Thanks. That makes me feel better. Putting a rush on something is usually a good thing. This time it just means things are worse than I hoped.

I ask if I should go in to have the rest of my many freckles checked. She says she only has an appointment in the middle of the day. She apologizes for disrupting my workday but she’s doing her best to fit me into a fully booked day. Yeah, cancer is doing a better job of disrupting my workday. I’ll take 11:30, thank you very much.

They ask me whether I’d like to go to Women’s College Hospital or Sunnybrook. That’s easy. Which hospital will get this cancer off my face. Now.

It’s still quiet at home. I don’t know what to say. If I say anything, I’ll just cry.