I haven’t told anyone yet, just my spouse.

How do you tell your parents? Your siblings? Do you tell your friends?

Do you want everyone saying, “Oh, it’s ok. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”  Oh, like you know? Have you looked up cancer in the dictionary? “Oh but your cancer is an easy one treat.”  Fine, you tell my cancer it’s easy to treat. What will you say to me if it comes back? That it’s still easy to treat?

Do you tell your friends at work? What if HR finds out? What if they need to downsize and figure they need to get rid of your potential high cost? Or if they decided you need more personal time so you’re the best choice? What if you’re the family breadwinner and you need that job?

I know it’s illegal to fire someone because of a medical diagnosis. Companies know it too. But downsizing isn’t illegal. It’s just unfortunate you’re part of it.

I would like to tell me colleagues but the rest of it makes me nervous.